Inflammatory Indymedia UK postings apparently from police

Schnews unravels the puzzle.

Police postings came to light following an internal investigation on persistent disinformation being published to Indymedia UK. Moderators of Indymedia UK identified the Gateway-303 server as being the source of numerous such posts. A filter was set up to capture the behaviour of the individual(s) who were hiding behind the server.

One IP address so identified was , which correlates with the server

GSI stands for Government Secure Intranet. It is a network established by the UK Government to allow secure transfer of files across its computers.

Ann Arky explains how such postings can by used by corporations to stifle criticism.

It should be remembered corporations seeking injunctions under the Protection from Harassment Act have relied heavily on comments made on Indymedia as evidence. This act has been used against campaigns such as Smash EDO to criminalise all forms of dissent targeting specific companies, even entirely peaceful and completely legal protest.

All of this of course happens in the States too. I’m convinced that a primary reason that the far left here has made such a dismal show of organizing now that we have a real-life capitalist crisis is that the ranks of many such groups have been infiltrated for years if not decades. Given the fanaticism of Marxist micro-cults, it wouldn’t take much for a provocateur to tip them into lunacy or the inevitable purges, like what just happened in one of them, complete with holding members against their will to interrogate them before expelling them. Why some of these groups even refuse to join in solidarity with others in opposition to FBI infiltration of the movement. Imagine that.

The very insular nature of such groups is their worst enemy as this makes it easier for provocateurs to influence their behavior. Instead, what we need is genuine broad-based cooperation between multiple groups working towards similar goals (even if not always in complete agreement.) The more open that groups are and the more sharing of information they do, the better they will be able to spot government spying and infiltration. And the more effective they will be too.

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