Banana Hymn Of The Republic

To the tune of America the Beautiful, by WilliamBanzai7 on Zero Hedge

“O beautiful and spacious lies,
For fraudulent Wall Street gains,
With pinstriped swindling tragedies
Above your 401k! America! America!
God won’t shed these disgraceful thieves
And crown those hoods–the Banksta Brotherhood
From scheme to ponzi scheme!

O beautiful thievery and politico crony lies
Whose two faced disgrace
A thoroughfare of lobbying and greed
Across the populist wilderness!
America! America!
God hang every corrupt and crony fiend,
Confirm thy soul without self-control,
Their liberties are obscene!

O beautiful for heroes screwed
In bungled economic strife
Those who love themselves above their land
And moral hazard more than life!
America! America!
May God’s work Goldman refine
Till all success be Fat Catness
And bailout gains divine!

O beautiful for patriots reamed
That sees beyond the tears of subprime slime
Thine asset bubbles gleam
Undimmed by quantitative legerdemain!
America! America!
God won’t shed this disgrace from thee
And crown those hoods– the Banksta Brotherhood
One big den of pinstriped Wall Street thieves!”

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