Shale gas drilling can make tap water flammable

Shale gas drilling, which involves injection toxic and flammable liquids at high pressure underground to fracture rock formations can make tap water flammable. Crazed environmentalists (and those who wish to drink water from their taps without fear of exploding) oppose this dangerous practice, while the UK government harrumps about how the drilling is subject to a “series of checks.” Hmmm, would that be checks from the drillers or do they mean they will pretend to be concerned but allow it anyway?

The video is from the US, so let’s not get smug about how this happens elsewhere. That such a deranged and obviously dangerous practice is even allowed demonstrates how out of control and insane our global economic system is.

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  1. Here in PA, there are essentially zero regulations on shale drilling and many permits have been given out for drilling on state lands (although Rendell had a temporary moratorium for the last few months he was in office, but see how long that lasts with this new Republican). It’s disgusting and thousands of gallons, iirc, of toxic fracking waste have already been dumped in creeks near where I live…and I don’t even live within an hours’ drive of the nearest fracking site.

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