Slip sliding away

On Wednesday a client installed a major update of a database application. Everything that could go wrong did. In the middle of this, the renter in the duplex we own and live in knocked on the door and said, we have cracks on the wall. Yikes. You see, the duplex is in a known subsidence area. They have a few cracks where the drywall joined, and both garages have a crack on the same line through the walls and ceilings.

We used to live in Los Angeles. So I was thinking, OMG, the duplex will be sliding down the driveway by Tuesday at the latest – because that really can happen to homes in L.A. canyons. But, I’ve come to understand that subsidence happens slowly and there are remedies. Two engineers will be here Monday to evaluate. We like Cedar City and plan on living here for a while and in this duplex too.

Oh, the database problem got resolved, the subsidence will too. Onward.

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