Jerry Brown as the People’s Governor?

CalWatchDog, who mostly focuses on California budget and economic issues, ponders why those hosting inagural parties for incoming governor Jerry Brown are calling him “the people’s governor” as such language has a strong leftist, almost Marxist tinge to it.

I’m not suggesting these folks are commies. In fact, I know [Orange County Employee’s Associantion president], Nick Berardino, and he’s a patriotic Vietnam veteran and fairly moderate as union officials go. Correa is, as I mentioned above, considered a moderate by modern California Democratic standards. So why would they use this language? Does this mean the ushering in of old lefty terminology or recognition of a new, hard-left era for the state of California?

My guess is they are so immersed in their Progressive ideology that they don’t even see how their terminology echoes that used by other people’s republics.

They have a point, and this is something I’ll be blogging about in 2011. The left too often uses worn-out phrases (and ideas) without thinking about their impact. Most Americans are suspicious of socialism. So why use terminology that invokes that? Instead of “the People’s Governor” call him “The governor for the rest of us” or “the governor for all of California.” The meaning is basically the same, however people will be more receptive to the message.

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  1. Budget suggestions: Make sales tax one rate for the entire state…you could still break off for the cities and counties…..most states only have one rate…our sales tax is complicated.

    Stop the prevailing wages for government work….you pay a government employee to stand and watch a contractor that is getting paid more than the average position for the same type of work….that could save you a lot of money….

    Make government employees actually work – I know some do….but some just milk the job. Thank you hope this helps…..

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