Soon to be CA Lt. Gov. Newson pushing for wave power off S.F.

Current S.F. Mayor Gavin Newson (who will be Lt. Gov next month) says wave power eight miles off the coast of S.F. is economically feasible and can be done at a cost comparable to that of solar power. Interestingly, he first favored tidal power but “The tidal was bad news. … The more we learned, the worse it was.” However, wave power looks like it could work and Newson will no doubt continue to strongly back ocean power as Lt. Governor. Good.

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  1. I like the sound of wave power and it sounds feasible. I am a student at skagit valley college in washington state and majoring in sociology, minoring in what I dont know yet, but like to consider myself an enviromentalist. I am very interested in learning all that I can about alternative energy, and ways that we can improve the qaulities of life for mankind. Especially seeing as how we, the world are in a an energy crisis, as of what to do in the next few years. In an article I read if we dont make some serious changes by 2015 we will be in dire staights by 2030. I would appreciate any info you could send me on this subject or any that you are knowledeable of so that I to could also make a difference and help those around me to also. I would love to leaern anything and everything I possibly can. thank you.

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