Why DADT passed and the DREAM Act didn’t

Ian Welch

Gays dropped their votes to Dems significantly from 2008 levels. Hispanics voted for Democrats at about 2008 levels despite horrible policies against them. You only have leverage if you are willing to defect in a high profile fashion.

A group concerned with a specific issue once went to FDR to lobby for their cause. At the end of the meeting he said, ok, you’ve convinced me. Now go bring pressure on me to force me to act.

This is what liberals too often don’t get. Intellectual presentations meant to convince have little weight in DC. Withdrawing votes and money does.

Passing DADT is indeed welcome. But the real problem in the country is the interlocking nexus btween Washington and Wall Street. Everything else is secondary, because if we don’t end the corruption, nothing else will matter.

In the words of that noted philospher and social observer Don Corleone, “the higher I go, the more crooked it becomes. Where the hell does it end?”

Image from Zaiusnation who says, “Obama Isn’t Hitler, He’s Neville Chamberlain!”

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