Border war. San Francisco vs San Mateo counties

San Mateo County says they will implement a $12 a day toll on cars from the north entering their county should San Francisco proceed with plans for a $6 a day tax on cars from the south. The tolls would be collected electronically during rush hour, except of course for vehicles that do not have the electronic devices. They would then have to stop at a toll booth and pay manually, slowing traffic, thus doing the opposite of what the plan is presumably meant to do. Sharp thinking there, San Francisco. Not only will the tolls not ease traffic, you’ll start a war with the southern counties, and alienate businesses. Hey, with any luck, maybe truckers will stage protests and block freeways during rush hour.

This is right up there with San Francisco Board of Supervors recently banning prizes with McDonald’s Happy Meals because the meals don’t meet their nutritional guidelines, assuming apparently that parents must be incompetent and the Board knows what is best.

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