Or maybe Mark Madoff’s death wasn’t suicide

He supposedly hung himself with a dog leash, which does seem an oddly slow, painful way to die. Hmmm.

Zero Hedge

While it is early to speculate into the causes of death, it is a distinct possibility that the recent pick up in activity by Irving Picard may have some impact. Then again, as lately the big banks have been on the receiving end of Picard’s actions, there does seem to be a disconnect, unless of course Mark had incriminating evidence against some of the recently high profile defendants such as JPM and HSBC.

From the comments

Exactly. Yes he was hung. But whether or not he hung himself is open to debate.

This kid had waaaay too much dirt on some of the biggest crooks in the world.

Suicide by dog leash, i don’t think so.

It must be a coincidence that the Trustee just announced a broad range of targets as liable for complicity in the scheme. This is intriguing because in addition to personal culpability, the young Madoff may also have had information that implicated/was useful to the Trustee. It looks like this story is far from over

The autopsy report should be interesting, if it is ever released to the public. The poor guy probably burned himself with a lit cigarette several times before kicking the chair out from under him.

Show me the note.

It may have been suicide. But I bet events forced it, and not just the possibility of being indicted either.

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