Madoff son kills self. NY Times obit almost sympathetic

Oh boo hoo hoo, poor little Mark Madoff just couldn’t handle what his monster of a father did and hung himself, and isn’t it just too terribly tragic. That’s the slant of the New York Times obit. You’d think the newspaper of record for the country might have mentioned that many think little Marky was deeply complicit with the fraud and that his story, that their dad confessed to him and his brother after they confronted him and they then went to the FBI, was just a wee bit too convenient and self-serving. Look the two brothers were deeply involved in the business of a daily basis. It strains credibility to say didn’t know it was a scam.

But instead the NYT says isn’t it sorrowful that Mark Madoff was distraught because many of his long-term friendships were destroyed after they lost their savings. Imagine that.

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