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From the discussion:

Maybe we should call what Wikileaks is doing ‘4G protest’ rather than ‘4G warfare’, because it’s not warfare and saying it is could provoke governments into over-reacting (not that they’d need much help doing this.) Maybe Wikileaks is something new, a digital form of protest, and many more like them will follow. In fact, a group of ex-Wikileaks staff said they’d be starting a rival org doing same things.

Also, Iceland told the bankers to stuff it and is recovering quickly now. This should be an instructive lesson for Ireland as well as here, as austerity budgets will soon be attempted in the US, but the austerity certainly isn’t meant for the super wealthy, now is it? The Labour Party in Ireland says they’ll vote against the cuts and in Britain, tens of thousands rioted against the ripling of university tuition. When will the protest come here?

With Josh Mull at FireDogLake and Rethink Afghanistan, Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, and myself in our second podcast on BlogTalkRadio.

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