Democratic House member. “F**k the president”

An unidentified Democratic lawmaker let slip his frustration at President Obama’s proposed tax compromise, apparently muttering “f**k the president,” during a heated debate this morning.

Via NewsBusters, a right-wing site, who says leftie media will ignore the story. Ha, not all of us.

Meanwhile, The Young Turks, who are definitely lefties, ask ‘Is Obama weak, gutless or complicit?’.

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks says “Obama’s positions are to the right of Ronald Reagan.” As for Obama’s supposed caving to the financial class and the wealthy, the investment banks backed Obama early – and for good reason. He’s totally down with giving them whatever they want so he isn’t caving at all.

This from The Blue Voice’s excellent post on disintegrating liberal and progressive support for Obama. hell, even moderate Democratic senators are saying much the same.

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