Connecticut kicked out of New England by tourism group

From Colin McEnroe of the Hartford Courant

Look at this!! It’s part of the Discover New England website, the official tourism site for the region. Apparently, because we reduced our tourism budget to $1, we’re no longer represented here.


  1. LOL! Connecticut saves $100,000 by not paying to be listed as part of New England. That’s a good call. New Englanders don’t waste their money. As visitors travel through on their way to visit historic New England their bound to figure it out along the way… “Hey, what’s this place? Hmmm casinos…

    • Don’t forget handguns and insurance policies! Ruger and Colt are in CT (with S&W and Walther in nearby Springfield MA). The Colt 45, the gun that won the west, was made in Hartford, and you could purchase life insurance after getting a gun too.

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