Obama’s speech. Compromise and cluelessness


“This was the angriest Obama has ever been in public, as he lashed out at Democrats for not letting him compromise” and slammed Republicans as hostage takers.

AmericaBlog, who were strong supporters of Obama for a while, now calls open season on him for his endless craven refusal to actually fight for anything.

I’m actually a bit shocked. What I learned from this train wreck of a press conference is that it’s not Rahm, folks. It’s him. He actually believes this shit. He actually thinks that a head of state caving into the demands of terrorists, pardon me, “hostage takers,” is a virtue. And he freely admits it. Wow. He actually believes this shit. He actually believes that his penchant for caving, his fear and loathing of fighting for anything he claims to believe in, is a virtue. It’s absolutely shocking. And finally, he’s itching for a fight? No he’s not. And the Republicans know it. He just freaking admitted that if they take hostages, he’s going to cave. I’m speechless. Did nobody in the White House think of telling him that the President of the United States doesn’t admit that official American policy is to cave to hostage takers, lest they take even more hostages in the future? Dear Lord. He won’t fight. He never fights. I’m sorry, but it’s open season on this guy now. He is congenitally unable to fight for anything, and considers it a badge of honor. Good luck with that in 2012.

We now a president that hardly anyone respects. He’s alienated large segments of what used to be his base, compromised endlessly and gained nothing from it because Republicans know they can continue to steam-roller him, hasn’t a clue how to be a leader, and comes across as an aloof technocrat with no particular interest in actual people – with the predictable result that his presidency is in near-shambles.


  1. And the best part, there’s a ground-swell of people (like me) flooding their reps and senators phones with calls to vote this down. Both sides of the isle, though republicans will of course vote in lock-step as usual. Personally, I hope this “deal” falls on it’s face and fails to pass.

    The upside to this? Maybe there will be a real Democrat primary this year, and Obama will become a 1-term, followed by a term from someone in his own party. One can hope.

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