Australian judge says financial industry is corrupt

Judge blames the insider trading of a 25-year old on the “corrupt” financial industry that paid him $350,000/year

John Joseph Hartman, who came from the best families and went to the best schools, got four and a half years. Hartman also stole from his father so he appears to be an all-around amoral scumbag, something the judge seems to overlook in saying how terribly tragic it all is. It seems to me that the only reason that someone just out of college is paid $350,000 a year for a “senior clerical position” is because he is expected to break the law and he damn well knew it.

Harman also ratted out a childhood friend he passed tips to in return for a lighter sentence. What a guy.

However, the judge is absolutely correct in his assessment of the financial industry. No word yet on whether Hartman’s bosses will be going to prison too.

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