Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and the ramifications. A Polizeros Podcast.

Josh Mull at FireDogLake and Rethink Afghanistan, Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, and myself discuss the continuing impact of Wikileaks in our very first podcast on BlogTalkRadio.

Click here to listen.


Part of the discussion is on the Joshua Foust and Glenn Greenwald brouhaha about Wikileaks. and in Salon. and in Registan.


  1. Bob, in the future you may want to post the MP3 version here. Hosting it on a site that only supports iTunes and/or streamed playing is pretty useless to a lot of people. Most won’t have the very latest version of Media Player and/or iTunes. Posting as an MP3 means anyone can get it and listen to it at their leisure on any device the please, not just iPods.

    • The Show Page on BlogTalkRadio allows downloads of the mp3. Mouseover the name of the show, then click the little arrow that appears to the right. I’ll also provide a direct link in my posts about podcasts, thanks!

      Next podcast is tomorrow

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