Polizeros hiccuped, back to normal now

If you noticed things looked a bit weird here today, it was because the BlogTalkRadio widget I used for our podcast seriously borked the theme. In IE and Chrome, the sidebar was blank and everything that should have been there was now directly underneath all the posts. Yikes. However, in Firefox, one post was in the otherwise empty sidebar. Aha.

I changed that post to Draft and, lo, the post after it appeared in the sidebar. Therefore, after long experience with blogs, I knew the offending post was the one directly above it, which was the post with the BlogTalkRadio widget. And indeed, after I replaced the widget with a simple link, everything popped back to normal on the blog.

We love BlogTalkRadio, but I won’t be using their WordPress widget any more.

Thanks to Ten Bears for the heads up!

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