Democratic governor. Democrats are elitist and gutless

The Fighting Poodles of the Democratic Party prepare to do battle against Republicans

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland

Democrats suffer from an “intellectual elitism” that prevents them from adopting the type of populist tone to relate to voters, he said. And while President Obama had made a series of monumental legislative advancements — any one of which would have been “historic” in its own right — he fails to recognize that he is being “slapped in the face” by his Republican critics.

Perhaps the real truth is that Obama is basically complicit with the Republicans. I mean, he did work with them secretly to kill a probe by Spain into war crimes by George Bush.

“I think there is a hesitancy to talk using populist language. I think it has to do with a sort of intellectual elitism that considers that kind of talk is somehow lacking in sophistication. I’m not sure where it comes from. But I think it’s there. There’s an unwillingness to draw a line in the sand.”

That says it all. The overweening arrogance and implied elitism of the mainstream Democratic Party is just killing them. People in the heartland know when they’re being condescended to and told that urban elites know what’s best for all those untutored unwashed goobers in the country who really need to STFU. Bizarrely, this approach has backfired badly for Democrats. Who would have imagined that could happen?. Plus, they never take a stand on anything so why should anyone respect them?

Strickland said he was dumbfounded at the party’s inability to sell the idea that the rates for the wealthy should be allowed to expire. “I mean, if we can’t win that argument we might as well just fold up,”

I’ll happily come to the funeral. The Democratic Party is long past its expiration date.

“I saw what CNN said after that meeting yesterday. A line saying the president said he should have been willing to work with the GOP earlier. What? After all of this you don’t realize these people want to destroy you and your agenda? How many times do you have to be, you know, slapped in the face?”

Remember, this is from a Democratic governor.

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  1. Um, those tax breaks affect only about 3% of Americans, but around 100% of those in Congress. Why are we surprised that even the Dem leadership would fail to argue convincingly that they themselves ought to pay more taxes?

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