Mexican cartels now primary source for U.S meth
Thank you, Mexico. Thank you, China. Thank you, corrupt money laundering US banks and hedge funds. The youth of America salutes you.

A legitimate pharmaceutical company in India exports cold pills to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where they are falsely labeled as herbal supplements and shipped to Belize, and then to Veracruz by cargo container.

Dubai has long been known as nexus of smuggling and money-laundering.

The Chinese government concedes that it has no idea how many cold tablets its state-run companies sell each year. The Mexican government is unsure how much phenylacetic acid is used by legitimate manufacturers, such as Proctor & Gamble, and how much is diverted to the meth labs.

Golly, how could it be that the rigidly centralized Chinese economy, where the government often has controlling interest in private companies, just has no freaking clue whatsoever how much meth precursor its factories are cranking out or where it is going? The same logic applies to the apparently gobsmacked government of Mexico too, who appear suspiciously dazed and confused by the whole thing.

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