Ireland, Wikileaks, TSA, North Korea

Suddenly there is major news everywhere.

The European debt crisis is growing. Portugal and Spain are next. The banksters are trying to force countries to make good on private loans and bond purchases that should never have been made. They don’t care if they destroy countries. But Europeans and Brits has a long history of serious protest and the bankster game is so corrupt and so out in the open now that it won’t last. Governments will fall. Countries will then simply default. The bond holders will be forced to take pennies on the dollars, then hopefully many of the banksters will go to prison and have their assets seized.

The current Wikileaks deluge will prove to be devastating. We’re just seeing the leading edge of the cables now. Much more is coming It will have profound and unpredictable repercussions across the planet.

The Tea Party went ballistic over the new TSA regulations. Bizarrely, many liberals and progressives seemed reticent about joining in, apparently on the theory that if the Drudge Report supports it, it must be wrong. So instead, they squeak timidly against TSA then opine that somehow it must all be a hideous plot by shadowy right-wing operatives. Idiots! Apparently they must enjoy having their genitals groped by strangers, because I can think of no other explanation for such self-defeating behavior except for, of course, “a liberal is the guy who leaves the room when a fight starts.”

North Korea is itching for a fight. I suspect they will get one. The US is no angel here but look, North Korea is basically one large penal colony run by deranged thugs.

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  1. Your description of North Korea fits –how many nations, especial the bit about being run by deranged thugs???? Does it matter which type of thug runs your country? One type of thug is better than another. As our beloved leaders, the millionaire twins, Cameron/Clegg, keep telling us, “We are all in this together”.

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