Saving the Salton Sea, one field of algae at a time


By substituting some of the crops that are more water intensive for algae, that water can be sent into the Salton Sea and the collapse of the habitat from increased salinity might be thwarted,” said Neal Driscoll, professor of geology at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.


  1. The Salton Sea is an interesting issue. It’s not natural, but was made when a man-made aqueduct burst almost a hundred years ago. It also adds humidity to the surrounding desert’s 120 degree summer temps. If you’ve never been there in the summer, ask the prisoners at nearby Calipatria State Prison how that is.

    So is the Salton Sea a habitat that should be saved, or is it a man-made aberration that should be allowed to disappear?

    • In ancient times it was a salt lake too. And now it’s a major bird migratory path. In addition to being in a baking desert with lots of dead fish that stink. Bizarre place

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