Massive student protests in Britain

The Guardian has coverage auto-updated every minute.

Harry’s Place has extensive links to local protests, adding:

I don’t expect Nick Clegg ever expected to see himself depicted like this

Lenin’s Tomb

Latest news says 600 students have walked out of Leeds Uni, hundreds of pupils have walked out Allerton Grange secondary school in Leeds, 1000 students have set off from ULU, 100 have walked out of Dundee University, and over 100 have left Parkside school in Cambridge… just a few examples of the actions taking place already. I’m also glad to see that LSE students are on their way down to Trafalgar Square to join the rally. In addition, students at Birmingham University have just occupied. This is going to be big.

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  1. What lots of people aren’t hearing is why this is happening. Approval to raise tuition rates 300% is the key item here. Lots of folks that either are or were planning to be in university will not be able to afford to go if this is enacted.

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