On TSA’s new search procedures

Market-Ticker.org says we should heed TSA Secretary Janet Napolitano’s snide remark to “travel by some other means” if we don’t like the new procedures and start boycotting the airlines.

While terrorism is horrifying it does not rise to a risk that justifies abrogation of our Constitutional rights – especially when the proffered claims of “safety” against said attacks made by the government are in fact intentionally false and misleading.

We assert that metal detectors are sufficient to detect weapons such as guns and knives

We further assert in defense of our position that no prohibited item was brought through security on 9/11.

We do not, and will not, consent to being under effective arrest just for setting foot inside an airport

Read their whole post, they make other excellent points. But an airline boycott won’t work long-term because in a country 3,000 miles wide, air travel is the only way to get someplace fast. But we need to bring pressure to bear.

Pilot union advises avoid body scanners because of health, privacy risks

An airline pilot says removing belts is pointless and stupid, especially when you are forced to remove your belt because they could interfere with scanners at a checkpoint where there are no scanners

The biggest problem for me in these new procedures is I do not feel safer. Instead, we have what seems to me is a slow-moving, ponderous TSA that clumsily reacts to the last threat rather than proactively working against future threats. Plus, the way this was enacted, with no advance warning and utter unconcern if not contempt for the flying public, has turned into a PR disaster for them. Groping screaming, terrified three year olds makes no sense and instead makes TSA look like a bunch of pedophile thugs.

I fly a lot and have no wish to be blown up. But do these onerous new search procedures really make us safer? What do you think?


  1. I don’t think they make us safer. But they do make the former head of DHS richer, and that’s what really matters.

    Some of my comrades on the left are screaming about this being another step toward a police state; maybe so, but I think the horrifying truth is that *there is no plan* – what we’re seeing is layer heaped upon layer of corruption, incompetence, bureaucracy and short-sighted politics with the result being a titanic mess incapable of stopping any reasonably intelligent and determined attacker. And the whole thing is so broken I don’t think it can be fixed.

  2. If you really want to wage a war on terror.. you need start no further than your local law enforcement or government agency.. By far supply more terror, human rights violations, and assults upon our liberty than any rag heads in a cave who will most likely never set foot on American soil.. EVER..

    Learn your true enemy & stop being Sheeple.

    Never will there be any more helplessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe they are free….

  3. We will one day get used to it, The same way the people of Nazi Germany got used to it. They want us afraid because we put up with a lot more bullshit when we are afraid. There is no real difference between the functions of the dept of homeland security and the early SS they both started out as “national security forces” It takes a national security force to shut down our freedoms in the name of freedom!

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