On the protests in Europe and the lack of them here

At this point, my best guess is that when push comes to shove in Europe, the left will actually win in most nations. They aren’t wimps, they are willing to fight, they are willing to clash hard with the cops and they are willing to directly attack the interests of the ruling class. Unlike in the US, where the people willing to risk violence are right wingers, in Europe more are on the left wing side.

Why is it that the US left from liberals to Marxists is so, well, timid lately? The fire from the anti Iraq War protests burned out a while back and not much has replaced it. Even the Marxists, notoriously agitators that they are, seem to be power snoozing rather than organizing. I genuinely don’t get why the US left is so enfeebled now. I mean, we got rampant theft and corruption by the elites, huge income disparities, a recession that threatens to be a depression, unemployment, massively obviously class differences – these are issues geared for the Left, which should be taking advantage of it and be in the ascendant. But instead, we’re mostly getting crickets from the Left. It makes no sense, but that’s what’s happening.

Student protest London Nov 11 2010. Indymedia UK