Cool It. The Movie. A new approach to climate change

In Cool It, Bjoern Lomborg says current climate change initiatives are based on fear and that new approaches are needed.

He says he admires Gore’s documentary since “his movie made us all aware of climate change”. However, “it did so by creating panic, and we need to move on from that”.

I agree. The carrot works better than the stick. We should emphasize how renewable energy makes us less dependent on foreign sources for oil, more self-sufficient, with energy produced locally. And not by screaming we’re all doomed because the ice caps are melting.


  1. Cool, another opportunity for Bjorn to tell us, in a really convoluted way that doesn’t differ from what many environmentalists are already saying, how he’s better than everyone else.

  2. That works so well with other addictions: give up the heroin and you’ll be healthier, get a better job, stay out of jail, and live longer! Of course, scare tactics don’t usually work, either. To kick our addiction to oil, we’re going to have to hit bottom. And we aren’t there yet. Most of us still think we’re having a good time, we haven’t even begun to feel the pain.

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