Foreclosure fraud rampant. Where is Rule of Law?

Fraudulent Georgia notary seal. Her term expired in 2008

Fraudulent notary seal used by foreclosure mill in Georgia. Video from WSBT who discovered the bogus seal. Via 4closurefraud

Depositions by three robo-signers in Florida showed them to be seemingly clueless about what they were doing. Yes, it’s always better to appear stupid than culpable. Ritholz has the videos of the Crystal Moore depo.

Bank of America allegedly foreclosing fraudulently in Kentucky.

Taibbi: Courts helping banks screw over homeowners.


There are rapidly emerging signs the Obama Administration and Congress may be actively, quickly and covertly working furiously on a plan to retroactively legitimize and ratify the shoddy, fraudulent and non-conforming conduct by MERS on literally millions of mortgages.

Why? To bailout the banksters again. Rule of Law apparently just applies to the little people. But how much longer will the people take this rampant corruption and fraud?

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