Someone forget to tell the habaneros it’s November

Our three habanero plant are still producing peppers and two of them are also just now putting out new flowers. So, I bring them in at night and take them outside during the day. Anyone want a hab in their stocking for Xmas?

  • We had our first frost here (finally!) maybe a week ago, but yesterday I managed to find the last edible tomato of the season…

  • Daniel Rivera

    Those habaneros tend to be weak. You should just taste one of them raw to check if that is true.

    • I just chomped on one then went hopping around the kitchen yelling “It’s not hot enough” before eating a pound of bread.

  • Sue

    Are you sure those are the habaneros, Bob? Because we put the orange mini bell pepper plants right next to the hot peppers, you know, and you might have gotten them mixed up. Try tasting another one…

    • Hold on. (crunch, crunch, crunch) YEEE-OOOW!

      They were habaneros after all…

  • Sue

    So trusting. I told you I was evil.