Gulf Cartel leader killed. Drug wars continue

That’s Ezequiel Cárdenas Guillén, alias “Tony Tormenta” on the billboard. He was killed by Mexican Marines after the billboard in the US with a price of $5 million on his head appeared, but this was probably coincidence.

From Borderland Beat. I don’t know enough to say whether this is accurate but it is worthy of note.

Over the past 2 months Tormenta was pushing his luck too much still roaming border town Matamoros despite all the attention that was brought on him by the governments. The moment that the US posted up bulletin boards in Brownsville asking for his head, he should of known better.

The Mexican government was under too much pressure as it was, and we all know that the Cartel wars only happen because the US government allows them to happen.

The moment the US puts its foot down, shit will cool off, but it hasn’t because there is interest in the trade. What happened with RJR Nabisco? And who owned Nabisco? Nabisco was shut down because of so much shit, one of them being ties to Latin American cartels and money laundry.

Some of you guys laugh at the “fictional” idea of the US government being involved in the Cartel Wars in any way, but for all the skeptics out there, read up on RJR Nabisco and the US history. Because after all, History does repeat itself, doesn’t it?


If you like spy novels, you will find that the European Union’s presentation of fact to be far more fascinating than fiction. One of the complaints filed in the case describes a rich RJR history of business with Latin American drug cartels, Italian and Russian mafia, and Saddam Hussein’s family to name a few.

Certainly, there are powerful forces in the US who want the drug trade to continue because they profit so mightily from it.

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