Dropbox. File transfer and sharing made easy

If you need a simple way to transfer large files, Dropbox is for you. It’s fast, intuitive, and powerful.

As an example, you have a computer at work and at home and want to move files back and forth. Install Dropbox on both. It creates a folder called My Dropbox. Drag a file into it at work. The file will be waiting for you when you get home in My Dropbox on your home computer. You don’t have to do anything else. You can also access the files via their website.

I recently VPNed to a client site and had to transfer 44 MB of zipped data. Email generally can’t handle attachments more than 15-20 MB and some, like GMail, block zip files with executables in them. But this was easy with Dropbox. I uploaded the file onto their website, then watched it appear in My Dropbox about two minutes later. Sweet.

Sharing files and folders is easy to do too. The free version gives you 2 GB of space.

If you click on any of the Dropbox links in this post (which have me as the referral) and install the free version, then we both get 250 MB more storage.

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