Jobless likely to shun election that is focused on their plight

Jackson, Michigan, is home to one of this year’s most closely contested U.S. House races, with both candidates promising to bring jobs back to an area suffering from 13 percent unemployment.

Nick Barr, an out-of-work electrician, said the election is the least of his concerns.

Via a reader who comments “Why vote? Who has any ideas that would actually work? And why vote when it just means a nod for the status quo?”

While maybe jobs are a focus in a few areas like in Michigan, I’m not hearing politicians on either side talk much about solutions beyond the tired old “cut taxes to boost jobs” on the right vs “more spending to boost jobs” on the left. Politicians on both sides are clueless, out of ideas, and don’t seem to actually care much about the unemployed.

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  1. We are in a corporate society where the corporations control everything, a pool of unemployed helps to keep wages down, it is a bonus to the corporate world. They don’t need you, the Asian manufacturing is booming and the companies that are falling over themselves to join that bandwagon over there are all familiar names to the Western workers. In the past the booming West sent its affluent workers as tourists to the East, now it is in reverse, the affluent Asians are visiting the poorer West. The corporate world doesn’t much care which way it goes, they are not patriotic.
    Use a stinking system and get choked by the smell.

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