Tea Party leader booted for anti-gay comments, heads another group

From an email conversation with reader Craig Woodward.

Not sure you heard yet, but the guy that got booted from the “Big Sky Tea Party” for asking for and “instruction manual” on how to lynch gay people, just got picked up by the Montana Tea Party as their new president. So much for not being a bigoted group…

OTOH, Karl Denninger, co-founder of the Tea Party, just slammed the current Tea Party big time, saying what they are now isn’t at all what they started out being, which was opposed to government collusion in bailing out the banksters. Also, one Tea Party group was appalled by the homophobia. It seems like the hard Marxist left to me sometimes, many shades of opinion and some outright haters and loonies as well.

The same could be said about all political parties. But the Tea Party has had it’s metamorphosis at a record pace. My argument against the Tea Party has never been that it was started as a hate-filled bigoted group. Rather that what it is now is a group we should not try to mingle with because of what it truly has become. Just like most kids don’t say “I want to be a crack-addicted hobo when I grow up”, this may not be what the founders had in mind when it started. But that doesn’t mean we can’t call it what it is, or what it has become.

I agree.

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