Far right violence and the lack of response from politicians

The lack of condemnation from politicians about far right violence speaks volumes as to their cowardice and duplicity, especially the silence from Democratic politicians. They could use this to their own political advantage if they wanted to. But that would require taking a stand regardless of consequences. So instead, they remain mute. This is beyond contemptible.

Look, I can understand why Republican politicians would be quiet here (either out of embarrassment, not knowing what to say, or secret agreement) but Democrats? They could use this as a weapon against the far right. Hey, I’ve got an idea. Instead of sending campaign contributions to Democrats, let’s all chip in and send them Depend adult diapers. Then the next time they piddle in their pants in fear, it won’t wreck their clothing.

“It’s been quite amazing over the last couple months, but really over the last two years,” said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups and extremism. “I’d date this, in many ways, to the rise to power of Obama. Many people we saw coming with AR-15s to town halls and so on, and all of that. But I do think that it’s gotten even hotter out there. I think the reaction to the stomping of that woman’s head has been quite amazing. The idea that the guy could say that he needed an apology and that he’s not being condemned by the political class from sea to shining sea is astounding.” …


  1. I’ve been saying this since the McCain rallies had people literally yelling “Lynch the N****r!” without a single blink or condemnation from anyone in the McCain camp. Obama mentioned it a couple times when on the trail, but hasn’t said a thing about it since…

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