1. “mice” isn’t the word I’m using – squaws.

    I’m a Vietnam Vet, “radical socialist”, and Wobblie of three generations. Any of you teabagging scrotum sucking squaws out there want to try and take me down, stomp on me? I’ll be happy to deal with you appropriately. In fact, I look forward to it.

  2. Three great big men wrestle a medium-sized woman to the ground and one stomps on her head while another holds her down. Quite the gentlemen. I’d like to see how they do when evenly matched.

    • I expect the silence from Republicans. The craven lack of condemnation from Democratic politicians speaks volumes.

      Why should they condemn it? Because it is the ethical and moral thing to do (as well as quite possibly being to their political advantage to do so). But it would require courage and the ability to take a definite stand.

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