Countering the ideologues of the Two-Party State

Poli-Tea effectively counters the tedious arguments against voting for third parties, such as “Monsters might win, be scared”, “I know we suck but the other side is suckier”, “You poor deluded idealistic fool”, “You’re wasting your vote”, and so on. Like, how is voting for a major party not wasting my vote? Really, I want to know.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Democratic Party is not “liberal” and the Republican Party is not “conservative.” They cannot be. They are the vehicles of the ruling corporate-political class in its ongoing war against constitutional government and the people of the United States. If you support the Democratic Party, you are not liberal. If you support the Republican Party, you are not conservative. If you support the Democratic or Republican party, you are a reactionary supporter of the reigning corporatist state, and are providing popular cover for the ruling political class. In other words, you are part of the problem.


  1. Thanks for posting this Bob. It was actually one of a couple things I’ve been meaning to cross-post myself, but haven’t gotten around to. But I like your translations of my jargon-style typology of the various arguments against political independence.

  2. There is only One Party – The Corporate Party – speaking ’round a folked tongue and out of both sides of it’s mouth. Some of us have been talking about the Billionaire’s Coup a lot longer than ‘a few weeks’. One would do well to recall that these people have been doing this sort of thing for well over seventy-five years. While it may indeed seem as if in the short view dancing on the forty yard line is the epitome of hubris in the long view they may very well be dancing on the five yard line.

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