Legal marijuana is a states rights issue

Decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana is a growing trend in many states and is a direct challenge to the authority of the federal government. Not that’s there’s much the feds can do about it. But believe they are worried, especially if the trend continues and states begin to challenge the federal government on other issues.

It’s also instructive to watch who opposes legal marijuana and the scare tactics they are using. Lots of folks have vested interests in drugs remaining illegal; those who build prisons, many in law enforcement, and of course, the dirty banks and hedge funds that launder the drug money. They don’t want drugs legal and could care less about the appalling bloodshed in Mexico now as long as they get their blood money.


  1. Strange days indeed when the DOJ, former DEA chiefs and Mexican drug cartels are all on the same side of an issue.

    If Prop 19 passes it will be very interesting to see how the feds handle it.

  2. Not to mention the drug companies themselves. There are the number one reason weed is illegal, running neck and neck with Dupont and the Oil Cartels – if someone is smoking weed, they’re not high on the sanctioned Ambein, Prosaic, Viagra and crotch-shots on CNN/Faux News Kool-Aid.

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