Repudiate Liberalism or Obama. You can’t have it both ways

Ian Welch, emphasis added

Back in early 2009 I told others in the blogosphere that we had to come out against Obama. The reason was simple enough: having seen what he did on TARP and then seeing his stimulus bill, I knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to fix the economy. His “negotiating” strategy, if it was that, indicated he wasn’t going to take Republicans on, and that he was either spineless or essentially a right winger, just not crazy right wing.

The liberal wing of the Democratic party must be SEEN to take out Obama. There must be a primary challenge. If there is not, liberalism will be discredited for at least a decade, time America cannot afford, since liberal solutions work and conservative solutions, whether pushed by right wing Dems or Republicans, don’t.

Are you a liberal first, or a Democrat? You can’t be both.

He then rips the Lesser Evil Argument to shreds

The status quo of Dems moving slightly to the right, then Republicans rocketing to the right leads America to ruin. All “Dems at all costs” partisans are doing is making the process go on somewhat longer. That’s fine if you’re 70, or younger and in really bad health, but if you don’t expect to die soon, all you’re doing is putting off the catastrophic meltdown of America, not doing what is necessary to stop it from occurring.)

We are not living in normal times. We do not have the option of opting for slow, incremental change. Time is running out. A new financial crisis is upon us before the previous one is gone. Our civil rights are being shredded. The political class – and that means both major parties – is beholden to the financial class. The economy is getting worse.

Obama is not a liberal. He is not going to do the right thing. Neither, with a very few exceptions, are Congressional Democrats. Waiting for change to happen with the current Democratic Party is a losing strategy, both for the Left and for the country.


  1. I like you.

    That said, I’m surprised there isn’t an uprising of oppositional left-wingers in your country already. Remember, revolution starts at home – what can you do to make this right?

    • Since Obama isn’t a liberal, and is probably about to get humiliated in the midterms and could well be a one-term president. If he goes down and everyone thinks he’s a liberal, then he takes liberalism down with him. (Since your blog is conservative, I’m guessing you’d be ok with that 🙂 )

      So, it’s important for the Left to make it clear he is not one of them. And what gets portrayed as liberalism today in the media is not liberalism at all. Shoveling hundreds of billions to banksters and changing the accounting rules so they can mark-to-fantasy and book phony profits is not liberalism. Or conservatism, for that matter.

      Kleoptocracy is more like it.

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