Foreclosures, fraud, corruption. The news keeps coming

It’s happening: The Right is turning against Wall Street. Specifically Tea Partiers, and in opposition to the Republican Party too. More, please.

Smoking gun: New evidence of How Wall Street shafted pension funds by misrepresenting mortgages; Rep Miller calls for full audit of Fannie Mae

Calculated Risk details how foreclosure mills were pumping out thousands of signed docs without looking at them but Naked Capitalism says the problem is much deeper than robo-signing firms. Specifically, we need to ask why were there so many incorrect docs. Sounds like control fraud to me.

The mortgage fiasco in simple terms, from Global Guerrillas, who thinks this will be yet another major financial crisis with a government bailout.

Republican operatives in Michigan may challenge voting credentials for those in foreclosure, based on residency requirements. They are ignoring that 1) a homeowner can still be living in a foreclosed home and 2) Republicans lose their homes in foreclosure too but I guess all that pond scum they’re covered with is confusing their thought processes.

Are bankers rushing mortgage mods now so they can make the paperwork legit?

And so it begins – GMAC, Jeffrey Stephan Sued by vindictive homeowner

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