Has Obama given up on the mid-terms, asks MyDD

MyDD sums up a NY Times article on Obama and the upcoming midterm elections.

1. The President is resigned to the fact that the Republicans will gain control of Congress.
2. He does not find any mistakes with his legislative method.
3. The problems the Democrats face this season are according to him due to miscommunication (whose?).
4. He actually thought he would be able to heal the ideological divide.
5. He still thinks he can get bipartisan support once the Republicans gain congress.
6. The President is strangely detached and frankly seems uncomfortable and even reluctant to govern

For Obama to think he’ll get bipartisan support after the Republicans make major gains in Congress is delusion. No other word applies.

Yet even after all that, MyDD stills thinks the best strategy is to donate to progessive PACs in the forlorn hope that Obama will eventually come around. It’s that pixie dust solution again, sprinkle enough of it and Obama will magically morph into FDR or LBJ, both of whom despite their many faults were genuine liberals and eminently capable of throwing a punch. This is something the Democratic poodles in Congress and the White House might ponder. If you have convictions and fight for them, people will respect you. And you might actually accomplish something.


  1. “For Obama to think he’ll get bipartisan support after the Republicans make major gains in Congress is delusion.”

    I don’t think it’s as far fetched as it might sound. The Obama administration and Congressional Republicans serve the same master: the ruling corporate-political class. Is it really so unbelievable that they’ll find a way to bury the hatchet when it comes time to pass the next bankster bailout, or provide handouts to politically connected industries, or expand the war in Afghanistan or Iraq, or the administration’s assassination programs, or to make sure no one in the previous administration is held accountable for their crimes, or to expand the police state and surveillance society, or the war on drugs etc.?

      • lol, sorry 😉

        It seems like the next major debate/debacle that will align the major parties and the interests they represent against the people, will likely be over foreclosure-gate. If it plays out similarly to the bank bailouts of 2008, we’ll have another opportunity to create or forge a broad, independent, popular alliance against the major parties.

  2. Not for the first time, nor undoubtedly the last: there are far too many chickens counted.

    All “christians”, all “republicans”, are child molesters. Kill them all, let the dog sort them out.

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