What could Obama do now by executive power, asks Firedoglake

Maybe a sprinkling of pixie dust will make Obama do the right thing

FDL is well-meaning in proposing actions Obama could take now. But this is just more of the same-old wistful progressive fantasy that if Obama is presented with a list of Good Things To Do that he will then magically see the error of his ways and do them. It’s that pixie dust thing again.

To which I can only say, has he shown the slightest inclination to do any of them? No. Does anyone think he will anytime soon?

They asked Bill Black – one of Polizeros genuine heroes, the man who devised the concept of control fraud and who wrote The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One – what he thought Obama should. While his answers were eminently sensible and should be adopted, there is zero chance they will be.

I agree with one of the commenters on FDL.

Can we back our arses out of la-la land, already?

The states are cutting services for the most vulnerable. 15 million children in the US are going to sleep hungry. Obama’s Banking Cartels are waking away with 144Billion in taxpayer hard earned money, and the left is waiting for Godot. – I have nothing but contempt for Democrats and the self emasculating Left.

A civil war is percolating and even FDL seems oblivious to its surroundings.


The problems in this country will not be solved by polite petitions or by hoping that politicians will do the right thing once they understand the issues. Vastly more decisive measures are needed. Too many liberals and progressives are stifling their own agendas because they feel some bedraggled sense of commitment to Obama, primarily I suppose because he’s not Republican. But this is no way to work towards real change.

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