White House insiders think it’s over for Obama, NY Times

Yet even if the White House saw it coming, this is an administration that feels shellshocked. Many officials worry, they say, that the best days of the Obama presidency are behind them. They talk about whether it is time to move on.

Well, when you raise expectations high then mostly do the opposite of what you promised, when your plan to boost the economy consists primarily of sending hundreds of billions to the already wealthy, when you are incapable of fighting back when attacked, when your health and financial reforms are tepid at best – all this when unemployment rises and the economy gets worse, well of course people will feel betrayed. And rightfully so.

It seems clear now that Obama’s miraculous and quick rise from obscurity was aided by powerful forces, almost certainly the banksters. He has certainly done their bidding, hasn’t he?

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  1. Not for the first time, nor undoubtedly the last [sigh]… methinks there are far too many chickens counted afore they’ve been hatched.

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