Everyone loves the Cow Parade. Photos!

The Cow Parade “is the largest and most successful public art event in the world.” Over 50 cities have hosted it since 1999, and it has raised over $20 million for charity.

Why Cows?
This is a popular question. Simply, the cow is a universally beloved animal. The cow represents different things to different people around the world-she’s sacred, she’s historical, she connects us to our past-but the common feeling is one of affection. There is something magical about the cow that transcends throughout the world. She simply makes everyone smile.

Cow Parade. Cows Gone Wild. West Hartford CT 2007

Cows gone wild. I took this in West Hartford CT, the home for Cow Parade, in 2007. More.

Cow Parade. Melted cow. Budapest

Melted cow. Budapest

Cow Parade. Spiderman Cow. Rome.

Spider Man Cow. Rome

Cow Parade. Hippie cow. Madrid

Hippie Cow. Madrid

Cow Parade. Abstract cow. Madrid

Abstract cow. Madrid

Cow Parade. Chariot cow. San Jose, Costa Rica
Cow Parade. Chariot cow. San Jose, Costa Rica

Chariot cow. San Jose, Costa Rica

Cow Parade. Tire Cow. Stockholm
Tire cow. Stockholm

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