Nutty old uncle now ahead in California. Boxer too.

Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer now have good-sized leads in their respective races for governor and senator of California.

I never had any doubt about Boxer. Every time she runs there are dire predictions that this time, wow, she’s really vulnerable and could well lose. Well, she’s never lost a major election and won’t lose this one either. And if opponents consistently under-estimate her, that’s to her advantage.

How did Jerry Brown pull this off? Whitman will spend $150 million of her own money and Brown looked on the ropes a few weeks back yet now his campaign is surging while Whitman’s sputters. He has strange and wondrous political mojo indeed.


  1. I don’t think we need to look to “strange and wondrous political mojo” to explain election as the governor of California. Consider the successful gubernatorial candidates since Brown’s last go-round: George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson, Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger (not to mention Brown’s predecessor). I’ll grant you “strange”, but hardly “wondrous”. This is not an inspiring lineup.

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