Did the dog eat Florida foreclosure summons filings?

Naked Capitalism thinks not.

Homes in Florida seized without Notice of Foreclosure: Suspiciously large number of “the dog ate my summons” filings

What are the odds that these “lost” notices reflect legitimate lost documents, as opposed to failure to provide proper notice at all and lying to the court after the fact? The sheer volume strongly suggests the overwhelming majority are the result of the utter disregard of the foreclosure mills for due process.

Make no mistake about it: the nature and scale of these frauds cut at the very heart of our judicial process. We didn’t call the Florida courts “kangaroo courts” lightly. A home is most people’s most important asset; shelter is a bedrock of personal security. Both the Fifth and the Fourteenth amendments enshrine the notion of due process, yet we see increasing evidence of it being violated on a routine basis in the Sunshine State.

4ClosureFraud and ForeclosureHamlet are all over the fast-developing multiple stories of fraud and deception in Florida mortgages and foreclosures. Where are the regulators? Deliberately asleep and/or compromised, I’m guessing. It would be so nice to get back to Rule of Law in this country, wouldn’t it? Instead, our obviously corrupt financial system is permitted to apparently do whatever it wants without fear of prosecution.

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