Leftists should take credit for bringing down Democrats

Look, if the left is so powerful that is is responsible for Democratic fortunes, well, that’s not something we should shrink from. We should say “Yes, we can destroy Democratic prospects. If you don’t do what we want, we WILL do so.”

Don’t run from this, embrace it, wrap yourself in it. You are part of the left, and the left is capable of destroying governments which don’t do what it wants. And this is good, because objectively Obama has not fixed the economy, has presided over further destruction of civil rights, has reduced access to abortion, and so on.

Maybe if liberals and progressives stayed away from the polls out of protest and disgust with the do-nothing Democrats and their endless compromising, it might wake that party up. Something sure needs to.

The same thing is happening on the right too. Increasing numbers of conservatives are frustrated with the Republican Party. The time is now for the creation and strengthening of third parties.