California’s dueling propositions. Prop 25 and Prop 26

What would an election be in California without dueling propositions? Prop 25 would roll back the 1933 proposition which changed the budget vote threshold to two-thirds. Also on the ballot in November is Proposition 26, which would mandate a two-thirds vote for any new fees or levies. In an Op-ed, the Sacramento Bee says Prop 26 is a “clear reaction” by business groups to Prop 25, which is heavily supported by unions. They are uneasy about concerns that Prop 25 is a power play by Democrats and unions and that Prop 26 is heavily financed by the alcohol industry and polluters who want to avoid new, higher fees. Thus, they urge a No on both, even as they support the concept of a simple majority vote on budget matters.

By voting ‘no’ on both, you can send the warring factions a message: Find common ground in the Legislature for the good of the state, and stop taking your battles to the ballot”

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