Firefox Sync makes excellent replacement for Xmarks

Xmarks, a browser sync service with two million users is shutting down in Jan. 2011. They recommend a number of alternatives, including Firefox Sync, which I’m using now. It too will sync bookmarks between multiple browsers as well as passwords, and also saves history and tabs. Yes, tabs.

The Firefox Home app on the iPhone is the companion app Firefox Sync. You can access all your bookmarks and open tabs as well. Nice. Both are free and by Mozilla. Sync will be built-in with future versions of Firefox.

One comment

  1. Firefox Sync is one of the worst addons for Firefox going. Most people cannot get it to work and it only scores 3 out of 5 because there is no zero star option. If anyone is considering using this addon then look through all the comments first. Its not good at all. Hopefully there will be something out there that will replace Xmarks and that works but this isn’t it.

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