Carpe Diem. Seize the Day

The death of my sister-in-law yesterday from cancer got me thinking about Carpe Diem, by the Fugs.

Tuli Kupferberg, co-founder of the group, wrote Carpe Diem in 1966. It’s about mortality. Seize the day because we never know how much time we have left. 44 years later they sang it at his memorial service on July 17, 2010.


In the presence of death itself, the Fugs sing a church friendly version of the Tuli Kupferberg classic from their first album in 1966. Tuli said at that time he was a young man and death was only an abstract idea to him. As he grew older, the song became more ominous.

You can’t out talk the Angel of Death
so sing children sing
You can’t out walk the Angel of Death
so sing cuckoo sing
death is a’coming in
death is a’coming in

carpe diem, carpe diem
carpe diem, carpe diem

Well it’s an old cliche
Yes, it’s an old cliche
But you better make your love today
death is a’coming in

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