Pacifica descends into Stalinism and purges

Pacifica National Board members demand purge of dissenting KPFA staff

This is just more of the endless stupidity and continuing destruction, which at times seems deliberate, of what once was a genuinely progressive and proudly left-wing radio network, which includes KPKA in Berkeley, KPFK in Los Angeles, and WBAI in New York.

The lunatics have been trying to take over the asylum at Pacifica for quite some time. If this succeeds, they will have won, and in doing so will destroy several of the few remaining programs that are quality and actually raise money. Like I said, the destruction appears deliberate. Pacifica is already near bankruptcy. Were the stations to be sold, they could get upwards of several hundred million. Who would control that money? Inquiring minds want to know.

At a time when the left and progressives desperately needs a nationwide media voice, Pacifica has resolutely mostly ignored the current economic crisis (except for sterling shows like Doug Henwood’s Behind The News on WBAI) and instead have focused on internal witch hunts and featured bizarre conspiracy theories and junk medical cures on their shows. I mean, they really couldn’t be more useless if they tried.

As is most of the hard left now, which is sleepwalking through the current economic hard times when they could be doing something about this economic crisis they say they’ve been waiting for decades to occur.

Part of it is because left ideologues, many of whom are stuck in archaic Marxist thought, don’t really understand the current world or its economics. Another quite plausible reason is that such groups have been infiltrated and compromised by the government. Look, this happened all the time in the 50’s and 60’s. There’s no reason to believe it’s not still going on. Seriously.

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