Democrats’ squandering their majority could open door for third parties

What is it with the Democrats? They control both chambers of Congress, as well as the presidency; yet, they seem allergic to confrontation, often shying away from showdown votes. Obama swept into power with huge expectations and a mandate for change but has delivered precious little. Even the Democratic Party faithful are becoming disillusioned, as witnessed by the recent heckling when Obama spoke. The upcoming midterms are shaping up to be a train wreck for Democrats too.

Something similar happened to Republicans in 2008. Scanning blog posts from conservatives just after that election is instructive. Some were wondering if the Republican Party could survive such a defeat. Yet, just two years later, the Republican Party is seemingly resurgent. I say “seemingly” because huge shifts in voter sentiment like this in such a short period show that voters are increasingly unhappy with both parties, and searching for answers. Clearly, this could be an opening for the development of third parties with real clout.

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