Schwarzenegger slams Valero, Tesoro and Prop 23

“This is a corruption of the democratic process. Texas oil companies have descended upon California to overturn a California law. There is a struggle playing out right here in California that the world does not know much about. Today, Valero and Tesoro are in a conspiracy. Not in a criminal conspiracy, but a cynical one about self-serving greed. Does anyone think in their black oil company hearts that they want to create jobs?” said California Governor Schwarzenegger.


California’s Prop 23 is a genuinely sleazy attempt primarily backed by Texas oil companies to disembowel California landmark climate change bill by pretending it will hurt jobs.

No on 23


  1. The passage of Prop 23 would be bad for everyone. Instead of moving the country forward toward clean technology and farther away from fossil fuels, we would be rolling back the clock and using the same old excuses of “it’s not the right time” or “we just don’t have the money.” With news that China has surpassed the U.S. to now be the top producer of renewable technologies, this is not the time for our country to step backward.

    • The passage of Prop 23 would be a good thing for Californians. It will create new jobs and move this country forward. This is not the time to close down US companies and create more employment. We are in a depression.

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